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Swing is our passion.

Lindy Hop, Charleston, Vintage Jazz, and Tap Dance is our mission.


We are a group of around about two dozen young and energetic people from Zurich, Switzerland. We are well-known for performances at the ETH Polyball, Zürich Tanzt, Züri Fäscht, Bohéme Sauvage, and many, many more. Besides these big public events we as well dance shows at private weddings and corporate events. As much as we perform, we also teach crash courses and the afro american Swing Culture.


Hellzapoppin’ Disaster was originally formed in 1997 and inspired by the famous movie Hellzapoppin’ (1941).


Lorenz Ilg

+41 (0)79 430 36 20

For more information please send a message to

We look forward to your inquiry and will be happy to make you an offer that meets your requirements!

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